Company Profile

Pronto Diagnostics is a leading provider of molecular diagnostic products and services, with extensive knowledge, experience and R&D capabilities in genetic analysis.

Pronto develops, produces and distributes its own SNP-detection kits (over 35 different test kits) which provide rapid and accurate assays for detecting polymorphisms in DNA sequences associated with genetic diseases and predisposition to disease. The kits, which are suitable for both small and large-scale clinical genetic analysis, meet the highest international quality production standards including ISO 9001:2015, EN 46001, and ISO27799.

Pronto Diagnostics provides highly professional technical support. Its product specialists are dedicated to supporting the company’s customers wherever they may be.

ProntoLab™, Pronto’s molecular services laboratory, has accreditation from the Israel Ministry of Health and ISO 9001:2015 certification. It provides both clinical diagnostics and clinical research services, which include DNA purification; sequencing and deletion/duplication analysis for any gene; fragment analysis; pharmacogenetic testing and epigenetic tests. ProntoLab™ carries out sequencing and data analysis of whole-exome, as well targeted gene panels for specific diseases and syndromes.

Pronto Diagnostics has been granted exclusive distribution rights in Israel from leading international molecular diagnostic companies to high quality products and technologies

Since 2004, Pronto Diagnostics has been retained to perform all operating and commercial activities for Aferrix Ltd., a diagnostic start-up which is an innovator in the analysis of plasma iron levels. Aferrix’s activities include providing iron overload testing services to both pharmaceutical companies and to researchers.


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