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  • Centogene is a worldwide leader in the field of genetic diagnostic testing for rare hereditary diseases, with a broad test portfolio covering over 2300 genes, biochemical tests, biomarker and clinical whole exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing. Centogene’s mission is to support medical professionals with in-depth medical expertise to diagnose early and safe the reason for the patients burden.
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  • MYRIAD myRisk™: Hereditary Cancer is a scientific advancement revolutionizing hereditary cancer testing. Blending both genetic test status and personal cancer family history, Myriad myRisk hereditary cancer panel represents the next generation of hereditary cancer risk testing. Myriad myRisk identifies elevated risk for 8 important cancers by analyzing multiple, clinically actionable genes
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  • SEQUENOM - designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative technology, instrumentation and tests. Sequenom developed the MaterniT21- test analyzing the relative amount of chromosome 21, 18 and 13 in circulating cell-free DNA from a maternal blood sample.
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