Pronto Procedure


** Note on DNA amplification: PRONTO® is a post-amplification mutation detection system, as the target gene fragment must be amplified. PRONTO® users should procure a suitable amplification system, and obtain a license for its use, where appropriate.

Utility and Quality

  • Complete genotype determination for each mutation tested
  • Multiplex amplification & detection
  • Patent protected technology
  • Manufactured under international quality assurance standards: GMP, ISO 9001, EN 46000 & ISO 13485
  • CE marked in vitro diagnostics

Convenience and Simplicity

  • Visual and numerical result output: results are determined either visually or   colorimetrically, using an ELISA reader
  • Uniform assay procedure for all PRONTO® kits
  • Color-coded procedure & reagents
  • User-friendly – a simple and rapid assay procedure
  • Ready to use reagents

Flexibility and Speed

  • Break-apart microplate format for variable sample quantities
  • Suitable for small, medium and large-scale screenings
  • From template to results within 5 hours

Customer Service

  • Highly professional and experienced technical support for immediate
    and effective assistance
  • Dedicated field application specialists

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